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The Academy

Welcome to your virtual campus. This is where you can master your on-camera skills for maximum impact. Sign up for a comprehensive course, learn how to set up your own recording studio in your own home and get one-on-one coaching from an expert.

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Work With Me

One-On-One Coaching

Take your on-camera skills to the next level by getting personal training from an award-winning newscaster. Whether you're looking for hands-on exercises, guided practice sessions, critique and feedback or media coaching, you can customize this training just for you.

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The Best Starter Kit

As the owner of a video production company, I often get asked what gear is needed to film home videos. Having the right equipment can make a big difference in how your video turns out. But what should you get? Especially if you’re a beginner and don’t want to break the bank?


Online Education

On Camera Mastery Course

Mastering your on camera skills is becoming more and more important. This course consists of 6 lessons that takes you step-by-step into becoming an on-camera pro. By completing this course, you'll learn how to look and sound great on camera. You'll be amazed by your progress!

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Lesson One

Video 101

To be good on camera, you need a solid foundation. In this lesson, you'll learn the fundamentals to good video, the three stages of video production and why it's perfectly ok to make mistakes.

Lesson One Workbook

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Lesson Four

Sound Like A Pro

Your delivery can make the difference between increasing your confidence and credibility to being a distraction. In this lesson, you’ll learn the three keys to sounding like an on-camera pro.

Lesson Four Workbook

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Lesson Two

10 Biggest Mistakes

Before we can get good at something, we need to learn to avoid the bad. So in this lesson you'll learn the Top 10 Biggest Mistakes everyone makes and, most importantly, what you should do instead.

Lesson Two Workbook

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Lesson Five

Content Is King

You could look and sound great on camera, but there's really no getting around having bad content. In this lesson, you'll learn 6 simple ways to creating great on-camera content.

Lesson Five Workbook

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Lesson Three

Look Like A Pro

Now that you've learned all the mistakes to avoid, let's dive deeper into what you should be doing. In this lesson, I'll show you the best practices for looking like an on-camera pro in 5 easy steps.

Lesson Three Workbook

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Lesson Six

Tying It Together

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the final lesson in the On Camera Mastery Course. In this lesson, we’re going to tie everything you’ve learned together. And I’ll share my 3 secret tips for combating nerves.

Lesson Six Workbook

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